Africa an exciting market due to rising economy and mobile connectivity

In Africa, excitement is felt due to rising economy and technology space, with mobile and connectivity now changing the content game. In India, after Nokia’s fall in the mobile market, a study revealed that it can reclaim on top of the chart .

The world business momentum is now pointed in Africa due to rising economy and escalating technology – both creating total excitement in the region. According to CNN report, while the internet access has grown so fast, Africans are now learning what it means to spend money on content delivered via mobile device and computer screens, most particularly when the content is designed for the region.

Accordingly, content is treated as everything in Africa and technology is its biggest enabler. One of the key factors identified about mobile devices is their role in content creation. In fact, in Neilsen’s study, mobile video has increased its popularity in Africa so that it joined with Middle East in the second spot with 72% of online consumers watching video on mobile phones at least once a month, and almost 37% did it at least once a day.

This exciting trend, according to expert, is due to Africans’ hunger for content that those who haven’t previously accessed to free online content are more willing and likely to pay for it as compared to those with more access and means.

In a separate story, Nokia is said to regain in India’s top mobile market chart after its fall in the region. While sales in the Indian mobile handset grew at 20.8% to 221.6 million units in 2012 due to strong growth in the smartphone category, the study of CMR has led to indications that Nokia is largely to regain its status on the top chart.

Nokia has led the overall market with 21.8% share, while Korea’s Samsung followed at 13.7%. Came at third spot is Indian’s handset maker, Micromax, at 6.6% market share. The ranking has remained similar to the feature phone category, in which Nokia acquired 22.5% of market share.

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