Asia-Pacific region remains a leader in the world’s mobile market

Asia-Pacific is ahead of the world’s most advanced economies as far as Smartphone and overall mobile phone penetration, report said.

In a study conducted by Google and Ipsos, the Asia-Pacific region remains leading in the global mobile market. The region is ahead of the world’s most advanced economies in terms of Smartphone and overall mobile phone penetration.

The report (Smartphone Research on Mobile Internet and Market Trends) spanned 30 markets globally in which 11 markets were from Asia-Pacific. In its totality, the region had the highest mobile phone penetration in the world with the willingness to use those phones to shop and play, stripping out other markets.

Report further said that more consumers from Asia-Pacific region find their Smartphone more interesting than TV, compared to US consumers. Four countries surveyed in APAC had a higher Smartphone penetration – Singapore (62%), Australia (37%), Hong Kong (35%), and urban China (35%).

The APAC takes a lead at 78% compared to US region (31%).

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