Global mobile ads revenue set to rise in 2013

In 2013, the world’s mobile advertising spend is expected to generate a revenue of US$12.8 billion. While mobile-generated searches in the US are reported to have accounted 25% higher.

Display ads on mobile sites and mobile search are expected to account the largest share of mobile advertising revenues next year, said Informa Telecoms & Media on its latest research. In addition, advertising in mobile apps will see the stronger growth as many advertising networks are witnessing ad impressions on smartphones and an increasing proportion of those ads are being served in mobile apps.

However, mobile operators are said to expect only a small share coming from the mobile internet advertising, though they continue to take a large share from messaging and others.

In spite of mobile’s evident growth in the advertising space, Informa emphasized that brands and advertisers are seemed to have not yet managed their engagement with mobile users efficiently.

In the mobile operators’ perspective, Informa suggested that they should think of the possible benefits in the wider context with mobile advertising. They might not get direct revenues from mobile advertising but it can help them to develop and offer a more compelling suite of m-commerce services, increase subscriber loyalty, and help to reduce churn on their networks.

In a separate report, mobile local search continues to encroach leaving big implications for how marketers divvy up their advertising spend in the US region. It is revealed that mobile-generated searches increased by 25% in year-over-year.

For small business advertisers, the accelerating mobile usage would simply mean having a well-designed mobile web site if they want to maximize their leads.

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