IAB records US top 15 cities of mobile shoppers

The city of Houston claimed the top spot of this year’s IAB report on ‘Mobile Shopping Savvy Cities Index’.  

The complete “2012 IAB U.S. Mobile Shopping Savvy Cities Index” is comprised of 15 cities in the US: (1) Houston, (2) Seattle-Tacoma, (3) San Francisco, (4) Los Angeles, (5) New York City, (6) Atlanta, (7) Chicago, (8) Dallas-Ft. Worth, (9) Boston, (10) Philadelphia, (11) Washington, D.C., (12) Detroit, (13) Tampa-St. Petersburg, (14) Phoenix, and (15) Minneapolis-St. Paul.

The report studied the consumers’ purchases via a phone or tablet, as well as to using a phone or tablet to research or shop for products that are later purchased in physical retail locations or online. The study also looked at how and where consumers access mobile devices, and how retail apps and digital coupons strongly influence — what consumers buy and where they buy.

According to IAB via Rbr.com, mobile is a growing digital retail platform that provides consumers with valuable, timely and convenient information touch points for product research and purchasing. And by identifying mobile shoppers and delivering the relevant message to them would be a key opportunity for brand marketers.

The report also found that over a half of smartphone owners and nearly 30 percent of tablet owners in the US have used their devices in a store in the past three months. In 2012, there are more than 80% of smartphone owners to have accessed on retailer websites or apps on their devices. The ownership of smartphone, tablet , or eReader is said to have reached to 68% – a strong rise from last year’s 57%.

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