Indonesian TV broadcaster NET. Media and TMS launched a viewer engagement mobile platform ‘NET.Connect’

Our company has tailored its cloud-based platform of services, TMSfactory, to deliver NET. Media with simple, adoptive, and scalable solutions to create and manage real time mobile interactions with viewers straight from the programs while collecting powerful metrics and data.

The new TMS-powered service, NET.Connect, kicked off last month and appeared in x6 key programs that ran throughout the daily schedule (including The Morning News, Entertainment News and The Comment). NET.Connect invites viewers to participate and interact “there and then” by answering polls, casting votes or participating in competitions while sharing comments and recommendations. Viewers simply use their mobile devices to engage with the show in order to interact and win exclusive prizes.

Video: How the broadcaster promoted its new service NET.Connect

With an over the top (OTT) engagement platform provided by TMS, NET now has the opportunity to invite viewers to interact and engage making them part of the show. TMS also provides NET with tools to manage and broadcast any real time results (viewer polls, opinions or votes) inside the show as it transmits live.

TMS also provides NET. with the tools to manage and broadcast live the real time result of poll or votes and the comments associated.

Video: Display of real time on air analytics

“Delivering ‘B2M’ (broadcast-to-mobile) solutions for NET. comes with many benefits. Today’s engagement from broadcast, using the mobile, is both strategic and essential. Indonesia is a ‘mobile first’ market where Blackberry has still a dominant position. By providing our device agnostic solution with real time access to data about the viewers and their viewing behaviors, we are helping our partner to strengthen their position significantly and monetize their content investments in a very competitive marketplace,” says Jonathan Ellis, CEO TheTMSway.

This new service focuses on delivering both NET. viewers and users with a new and exciting experience using mobile. By gaining greater understanding of their viewers NET can today devise a long term ‘second screen’ (mobile) commercial strategy. The NET Connect engagement service has been very well received with hundreds of thousand engagements already captured and analyzed since day one. The real time platform provides NET. with a far greater understanding of their audiences with access to profile and location based data.

1. The mechanics of how viewers can engage are clearly shown on screen.
2. Viewers visit via their mobile and enter the shown code.
3. They land automatically to the show’s mobile site and engage.

“Our innovative platform of services was built to meet the needs of new generation of multi-tasked audiences, who are watching TV while playing with their mobile phones or tablets. This ‘2-way entertainment’ platform enables media to go one step ahead by offering the audience with an easy way to interact in media content. At the same time, it provides advertisers a simple way to connect with a qualified audience via a simple business model associated to the platform”, says Frederick Saurat the co-founder of TheTMSway.

Video: How each show creates viewer engagement on mobile


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