Mobile ad industry to benefit from smartphone craze

A report from Saatchi found 47% of smartphone users looking up for local information, while 48% are checking for a brand’s mobile site using their devices.

The mobile advertising industry is expected to be worth £17 billion by 2017, as smartphones and connected devices are consistent in creating an impact in the sector. According to the report, the UK’s mobile ad market was up 132% (at £181.5 million) in the first half of 2012, with digital accounting for 16% of all expenditure over the year.

The penetration of Smartphone also hit high at global chart with the world’s population spending more time on mobile devices each day. The report made record of people spending 127 minutes per day on smartphones, a data that is far exceeding the desktop web devices averaging 70 minutes per day.

The roll-out of 4G will also create an impact in the mobile advertising market, according to Saatchi’s prediction, saying it will accelerate the rich media mobile ad space.

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), on the other hand, showed a statistical report of display banners and text ads having a market share of 23% of all mobile ad revenue in 2012. Rich media ads made up at 20% of the ad spend, ultimately representing 4% of the British mobile ad market.

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