Mobile Market: Global mobile traffic on the rise, Portugal up 10% in Q3

Mobile traffic hits a global record with rapid growth that has acquired huge margin, now surpassing desktops, according to study.

Based on report from Stanford University and venture capitalist Mary Meeker, 3% of entire internet traffic now comes from mobile, constituting 4% increase from 2 years ago.

With an increasingly more connected population, plus the cheaper and innovative devices coming in the world market, Mary Meeker predicts that mobile traffic will represent 10% of the web, which is only set to be driven upwards given the enormous potential in the emerging markets.

Meanwhile, in Portugal, mobile internet users in the region grow to 3.17 million in third quarter (equivalent to 9.6% increase from previous quarter), according to Anacom. Report said the region had 2.4 million customers with fixed internet access in the same period, 40,000 more than in the previous quarter, representing 1.7% growth. Compared to the same quarter in 2011, the number was up 6%.

In September, the fixed internet penetration rate stood at 22.1% while mobile internet penetration was 29.8%. Around 86% of fixed broadband customers acquired the service as part of a package of services.

These data give indications among companies to align service offers and customer satisfaction now that the consumer mass market is getting mobile savvy. 

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