Mobile retail email open rate climbs 50% during holidays, Apple leads

During holiday seasons, customers are expected to check emails from retailers using their smartphone and tablet devices, report said.

Whilst customers are getting accustomed into mobile for a variety of shopping-related activities, it is important to emphasize that retailers must be aware of the increasing number of consumer engagement in the mobile landscape.

Knotice revealed (from its data) the consistent climb of consumer engagement via mobile devices, especially on tablets. As compared to desktops between November 20 and November 26, data revealed that mobile email opens climbed 50%; and overall, there were 45% of emails from retailers opened on a mobile device.

Apple is leading

Apple takes a lead with iPhone (23.93%) and iPad (15.81%) remained the most popular devices for opening email. This shows that email opens via phones continue to outpace those on tablets – mobile phones constitutes 25.85% of mobile opens against tablets (10.6%).

It is important to note, however, that the use of tablet devices is gaining ground with the number of emails opened during the same period has doubled compared to last year.
Android phones, on other hand, shared 4.15% retail email opens; while Android tablets recorded 0.64%.

In the first half of the year, mobile retail email opens is reported to have accounted 36.01% and increased it to 44.75% during the Thanksgiving week.

Another key finding is the time variation wherein during Thanksgiving week, open rates via mobile devices held steady throughout the day with far less dramatic drops in use during work hours as have been previously seen.

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