Mobile Marketing: Frederick Saurat says mobile is partner to traditional media

Mobile Marketing: Frederick Saurat says mobile is partner to traditional media Mobile will not match nor overtake radio, newspaper, and television in terms of ad spending -- Frederick Saurat, TheTMSway Ltd co-founder Mobile advertising is a hot discussion via, where one aspect being tackled is the inconsistency between predicted figure and the reality. In an interview with said magazine, Frederick Saurat, co-founder of TheTMSway Ltd, pointed out the barriers that led to mobile advertising’s little reality in spite of impressive estimates/figures of mobile ad growth from various research firms. According to Mr. Saurat, it is a wrong notion of seeing mobile as a channel to match, or say, to overtake newspaper, radio, and even TV in terms of ad spending.  He explained the mobile’s ro... Read more -->

Ad agencies and giant brands showed support to MMA council in Mexico

Advertising agencies and giant brands showed support to the launch of Mobile Marketing Association (MMA)–Mexico in response to the growing recognition of mobile’s importance in the marketing mix and the need for industry support and guidance to create success in the region. According to CEO at MMA, the creation of MMA local councils worldwide has to show that marketers at global scale are recognizing and embracing the power of mobile, and these people wanted some collaborative works so that mobile becomes an indispensable part of the marketing mix. In Mexico, MMA launched with members and the support of Banamex and Terra. From Latin America, giant brands and advertising agencies also showed support to include Coca-Cola, Televisa, ... Read more -->

TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

With an Inherently Local Ad Base, Publishers Can Take the Mobile Lead With mobile advertising experiencing 10-20% growth year-over-year, focus can be the big challenge for most people involved in the mobile space. With expansion is going to come diversification, as increasingly niche long-tail approaches will add depth to a field that till now has been in its infancy. Mobile advertising is currently largely national or online brands and products—especially with the explosion of ads in games advertising for other games. Local advertising makes up only a small percentage of mobile ad buys, and there’s little sense in this. Yet it’s not going to be local businesses themselves that correct this imbalance—it’s traditional loc... Read more -->

IAB Survey: Rapid rise in mobile budgets shown in 300 US companies

The latest survey conducted by Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has indicated some mobile marketing issues of highest concern to marketers, which cover the issue on consumer privacy (40%), device operating system fragmentation (39%), and lack of standardized metrics (31%). The study on “Marketer Perspectives on Mobile Advertising” featuring 300 companies in the US revealed that marketers are generally happy with results achieved by mobile marketing across the range of key objectives:  the majority of respondents were reasonably satisfied with mobile advertising’s ability to deliver on increased engagement (59%), increased brand awareness (58%), customer relationship marketing (57%), and sales drive (54%). Some important benefits... Read more -->