Matahari Food Business Creates Consumer Engagement Using Mobile in x90 Retail Outlets Throughout Indonesia

Matahari Food Business Creates Consumer Engagement Using Mobile in x90 Retail Outlets Throughout Indonesia TheTMSway Ltd developed a mobile solution which registered 1000+ consumer engagements per day with an average time spent of 2.26 minutes. Blackberry was the most widely used mobile device by consumers. HONG KONG – In a trial lasting 3 months, TheTMSway, Matahari Food Business and Brand Loyalty produced a scalable in-store mobile competition within x90 retail outlets located throughout Indonesia. The trial discovered that Indonesian shoppers were highly responsive towards the retailer’s mobile offer and recorded an 80% engagement from a total of more than a thousand of interactions per day during the campaign. The engagement was largely dominated by women (65%). The campaign also proved popular with the younger generation with the ... Read more -->

Mobile Marketing: Frederick Saurat says mobile is partner to traditional media

Mobile Marketing: Frederick Saurat says mobile is partner to traditional media Mobile will not match nor overtake radio, newspaper, and television in terms of ad spending -- Frederick Saurat, TheTMSway Ltd co-founder Mobile advertising is a hot discussion via, where one aspect being tackled is the inconsistency between predicted figure and the reality. In an interview with said magazine, Frederick Saurat, co-founder of TheTMSway Ltd, pointed out the barriers that led to mobile advertising’s little reality in spite of impressive estimates/figures of mobile ad growth from various research firms. According to Mr. Saurat, it is a wrong notion of seeing mobile as a channel to match, or say, to overtake newspaper, radio, and even TV in terms of ad spending.  He explained the mobile’s ro... Read more -->

TMS technology links VTV9’s primetime TV drama series to mobile screen

Vietnam is ready for 'in show' mobile ads – this is a notable finding after mobile solutions provider, TheTMSway Ltd, enabled the content producer Golden Screen Productions and Vietnam’s national broadcaster, VTV9, to successfully execute a four-week interactive trial campaign in Vietnam. During the whole month of May, a TMS code was broadcasted inside VTV9’s primetime daily drama series in a form of an interactive pop up banner that flashed few times at the bottom of TV screens, inviting the viewers to participate in a drama competition. Viewers were directed to use the TMS code: VXB 0112 on TMS search using their mobile devices to access an optimized version of the show’s mobile site, while providing metrics and data to media p... Read more -->

TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

What the ad industry learnt from 2011 and how they foresee 2012 Years come and go but each year leaves behind its own learnings. 2011 was no different. Ad industry leaders share the lessons that they learnt and how they foresee the shape of things in 2012. Whenever a year draws to a close, it is not just about a new beginning but also about retrospection. The idea is to assess what could have been done differently, gather one’s forces anew and make a fresh… How prepared is your advertising agency for 2012? December has been a month of conversations, trying to make sense of the year ahead for advertising, media, digital and PR agencies. As the stock market gets hammered, as the anti-corruption movement ebbs and flows, and ... Read more -->

TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

Mobile marketing ready to take off in East Africa The mobile marketing industry in Kenya is set to see significant growth with the launch of the East African chapter of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA). Since the local mobile phone industry took off a decade ago, there has been both a knowledge and policy gap to give direction on what consumer engagement should be in matters related to mobile. How to put context into mobile with digital signage The explosion of consumer-centric mobile innovation is demanding a new focus on mobile context. Mobile context is defined as the match between a consumer’s given physical environment – a venue such as a store, hotel or restaurant – and the optimal mobile experience – mo... Read more -->

TheTMSway moved into outdoor with Red Packet campaign in Hong Kong

TheTMSway has worked together with Red Packet, taking the said client brand to the next level of outdoor campaign using the new generation of shortcodes. The TMSshortcodes is the latest technology today which can perfectly integrate to any form of digital & traditional advertising media for a strategic “Call-to-Action” campaign. With the company’s headquarters located in Hong Kong and Philippines, the company has been ready to answer the needs of different brands from anywhere in the world.  In Hong Kong region, the mobile has successfully changed the landscape of marketing, adding more excitement to the advertising world. In the case of Red Packet, a unique shortcode (RED 2010) was provided on its billboard in Hong Kong, where... Read more -->

TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

Mobile internet revolution takes Zimbabwe by storm Zimbabwe entered a new digital era last week Friday when the largest mobile phone network Econet Wireless launched its mobile broadband package available to their estimated 4.5 million subscribers.  Econet CEO Douglas Mboweni said this was the most ambitious project they had undertaken since 1998 when the company was launched adding the broadband would be pivotal in reconstructing the country’s economy. Reporting from Harare our correspondent Simon Muchemwa said three broadband packages were being offered; “On the Go” for customers on the move using internet capable handsets and laptops, the “@Home” package for home users surfing for leisure, school and light busine... Read more -->

TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

New Study Shows the Mobile Web Will Rule by 2015 In a dense, 87-page report, Morgan Stanley analysts have charted the most important online trends and predicted the future of the Internet. In addition to forecasting more online shopping and showing the geographical distribution of Internet users, the study also shows a dramatic shift toward mobile web use. Including devices such as the Kindle, the iPhone, and other smartphones, web-enabled tablets, GPS systems, video games and wireless home appliances, the growth of the mobile web has been exponential — and we’re still just at the beginning of this cycle. Morgan Stanley’s analysts believe that, based on the current rate of change and adoption, the mobile web will be bigge... Read more -->

Indonesia sees mobile marketing to boom next year

Mobile marketing in Indonesia is seen to boom next year due to tight competition in the cellular phones business services providers offering new creative services as possible. According to Sarwoto Atmosutarno, Chairman at Cellular Phone Provider Association (ATSI), the emergence of mobile marketing, as one of the newest mobile features, was a consequence of the tight competition felt among the 11 cellular providers operating in the country. During his talk at the 2010 annual Markplus Conference, he said that Indonesia has 178 million registered cellular users, which is a big market for marketers to look into. In some studies, it is predicted that the cellular phone industry in the country would grow by about 10-12% next year. “The stu... Read more -->