Huge mobile marketing opportunities in BRIC countries

Mobile penetration is high in BRIC countries (Brazil, India, Russia, and China) – a climb that generated huge opportunities for mobile marketing initiatives in the regions, report said. Bricdata disclosed a detailed analysis of mobile marketing among BRIC nations, including insights into the future markets and upcoming trend. Due to mobile proliferation, companies have started developing mobile marketing strategies and budget allocation attuned to mobile. In Brazil, mobile broadband subscription has climbed to 41.1 million in 2011 from its 20.6 million in 2010, and it’s forecasted to reach 124 million in 2014. The research firm noted that the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympics Games to be held in Brazil will encourage corp... Read more -->

TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

Forecast: Mobile retail marketing spending to reach $15B in 2012 Marketers will spend $15 billion globally on mobile retail campaigns in 2012--a 50 percent increase over 2011--according to a new forecast issued by Juniper Research. The firm adds that mobile retail marketing spend is accelerating faster in North America and Western Europe than it is in the Far East and China. Global market for mobile video $30bn by 2017 GIA (Global Industry Analysts) says the market for mobile video services is projected to reach $30 billion by 2017, primarily driven by factors such as continued deployment of high-speed mobile networks, increasing availability of sophisticated mobile phones that enable users to download and play videos, in... Read more -->

TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

Sizing the Mobile Payments Market Mobile payments, though they have yet to take off substantially in North America, are a hot topic, with major companies like Google joining startups in the space and hoping to grab a slice of billions of dollars in potential transactions. Research firms disagree on the current size of the nascent market, but project strong growth in mobile payments and their users. Fueled by smartphones, daily deals, merchants embrace mobile marketing in a big way Retailers can no longer rely on the flashing neon sign or the “clown on the corner” to draw in customers who are walking past the storefronts with their heads down looking at their mobile devices. That’s the message from Borrell Associates... Read more -->

Global mobile shipments to hit 1.77 billion, Asia Pacific leads at 836 million

The mobile shipment worldwide is expected to hit 1.77 billion in 2016. Such a strong performance is unlocked by an impressive growth in mobile users in the emerging markets and the proliferation of broadband-enabled handsets, according to recent report. Ovum’s principal analyst Adam Leach said that the increasing consumer appetite for Smartphones was a major factor in driving growth in the market for mobile broadband handsets. Operators, who switched to 3G and 4G mobile broadband networks, are also seen to play a role to success. Ovum’s forecast shows that shipments of mobile broadband-enabled handsets will grow by a compound annual growth rate of 15.1 per cent from 2010 to 2016, to reach 962 million units. Meanwhile, in Asia Pacific ... Read more -->

TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

How to choose a winning mobile strategy The executives who make the decision on strategy already have first-hand experience and an existing relationship with their phone. They understand the importance of mobile and are constantly reminded by friends and family that its influence is becoming increasingly broad on all levels. Secondly, the numbers are simply impossible to ignore. Businesses are moving their strategies in line with the evolving user behavior and companies of all sizes and sectors are putting mobile at the center of their business strategy. comScore Reports June 2011 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share The study surveyed more than 30,000 U.S. mobile subscribers and found Samsung to be the top ... Read more -->

Nigeria to pioneer mobile marketing in Africa, MMA

Nigeria is expected to pioneer mobile marketing in Africa, taken from its record of more than 90 million mobile phone users and over 50% penetration. In the gradual growth of mobile marketing in Nigeria, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) is said to align with those in the marketing chain to structure the market, segment mark and move further for the expansion of the media as channel to marketing. Prior to its plan of establishing a West Africa office, MMA has told African paper, Business Day, that it would brief stakeholders in the region on the benefits of the council and would conduct forum for telecom operators, senior marketing management on how to create revenue generating service to stimulate advertising and marketing income. R... Read more -->

Advertisers in Africa allot more than 50% of interactive marketing budgets in Mobile

Some of the biggest success stories in the mobile space came from Africa with advertisers in the region spent more than 50% of its interactive advertising budgets to mobile, Starcom’s Ravi Kiran said. The African region became a hot topic among marketers during the Mobile Conversations 2010 conference in India as Starcom’s Ravi Kiran cited some of the biggest success stories in the mobile space, which actually happened in the region. In an Afaqs article, Mr. Kiran substantiated his points saying that more than 50% of interactive budget for the African region got routed to mobile marketing, compared to Asia (2.5%) and 1.3% to US and Europe regions. Explaining to this inspiring occurrence, he said that one has to look at the unique mobi... Read more -->

B2B mobile marketing spend to reach $106M in 2014, study

Mobile marketing has become one of the hottest news hitting across Asia-Pacific, America, and Europe. In fact, some regions like Latin America, Africa (Nigeria), and Canada are expected to embracing the trend to better serve their business industry players. Australia is most likely to adapt mobile advertising, M-commerce, and M-payment granted that some issues from its telephony infrastructure  are  addressed and settled. Recently, mobile marketing again enters the hot spot with the huge possibility of business-to-business (B2B) players to increase its spending, in which according to Forrester Research’s latest study, it has to quadruple its mobile marketing spending over the next 5 years, rising to $106 million by 2014 – a high r... Read more -->