Australia: Dramatic uptick in mobile advertising segment

Australia: Dramatic uptick in mobile advertising segment The mobile advertising industry in Australia experienced the most tremendous rise last year – with ad spend in a quadrupled increase, reaching $349.2 million in the end of December 2013. As the PwC and Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) cited, mobile advertising skyrocketed 14.3% of the entire online advertising expenditure in Q4 of 2013 and 11% up from Q3 of the same year, from its record of $86.2 million in 2012. Other segment showing significant growth is video advertising, which recorded 15% rise in 2013, and 72% based on figure collected in 2012. Display advertising, meanwhile, also recorded strong growth in the last quarter of 2013 with 35% year-on-year increase. According to IAB, the Australian advertising industry should b... Read more -->

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Smartphone sales surge in SE Asia Intensifying demand propelled Southeast Asia’s smartphone sales volume by 61 per cent in the first nine months. The ongoing trend of upgrading from basic mobile phones to smartphones, particularly in Southeast Asia’s emerging markets has further deepened smartphone penetration in the region and driving robust sales of the popular gadget, finds GfK. In the first three quarters of this year, consumers from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines have spent US$10.8 billion on nearly 41.5 million units of smartphones. Mobile ads forecast to account for more than third of new ad revenue by 2016 By 2016 mobile advertising will become the fourth-largest medium g... Read more -->

Mobile advertising to emerge as the most important driver to global ad economy

Mobile advertising to emerge as the most important driver to global ad economy Advertising delivered to smartphone and tablet devices will account 36% of the global advertising economy in the next three years, or more than a third of the $90 billion value. According to new report, the world’s mobile advertising market is about to hit $500 billion this year – and it’s anticipated to climb by 5.3% in 2014, and 6% in 2015 and 2016. In this 3-year projected rising trail, mobile is pointed out to be the strongest driver in the advertising industry so that in 2016, the world’s mobile ad market will reach $590 billion. By that same year, mobile advertising is viewed to acquire a global value of $45 billion as the fourth largest advertising medium, surpassing radio ($37 billion), cinema ($34 billion), and outdoo... Read more -->

Beauty sector eyeing for mobile strategy investment

Beauty sector eyeing for mobile strategy investment Beauty brands closely consider into responsive design as mobile devices will play an increasing role in the shopping and purchase processes. According to a report, while ecommerce displayed strong growth, the mobile strategy is believed by business players in the beauty sector as a logical strategy for their investments. The ecommerce sales record this year is found to increase by nearly 30%, in a survey of 85 brands, compared with only 6% of the total sales. Competing brands are pouring money across digital channels in order to keep up with the pulse of retail market competition. Accordingly, these brands were taking a close look to the features integrated on their website – 83% of these features are focused on user reviews. ... Read more -->

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Latin America accounts for 10% of global mobile revenues Latin America accounts for 10 percent of the global mobile phone market in 2012 and the expansion of the sector made it the second fastest-growing region, according to the report 'Latin America Mobile Economy 2013' from the GSMA, reports Los Tiempos. Research indicates that the region will be worth USD 107 billion in mobile revenue, more than double the figure from ten years ago. According to the study, at the end of 2013, smartphone penetration will approach 20 percent of the population in Latin America, a figure slightly lower than the world average. It is expected to reach 44 percent by 2017. Latin America had 632 million SIM connections and 319 million unique subscribers in mid... Read more -->

Tablets to record 10% market share in UK’s eCommerce industry

Tablets to record 10% market share in UK’s eCommerce industry For the first time, majority of mobile commerce sales in UK region will occur in tablet devices (58%) against smartphones (40.5%), according to new report. While mobile devices position a large market share in UK’s entire ecommerce, the tablet device is surprisingly an eye-catcher for this year’s mcommerce segment to expect an acceleration no one could have ever imagined. According to eMarketer, the tablet is seen as a fast becoming mass-market device in UK and it’s viewed to reach 20 million users this year. A triple growth this year is forecast in tablet commerce with £4.74 billion ($7.52 billion) or equivalent to 10.4% of the entire UK’s retail ecommerce sales. Analyst believed that figure would even climb to £18 billion or ... Read more -->

Mobile fuels digital ad rise in Denmark

Mobile fuels digital ad rise in Denmark Total media ad spending in Denmark is expected to reach over $2 billion this year. Mobile, to this effect, plays a huge role of fueling an expected 9% rise in total digital ad spending. Denmark’s spending of all measured media is forecast to be crossing the entire important hurdle as eMarketer sees growth of 1% in 2013. All digital formats showed impressive opportunity in the country’s advertising industry with search and display expenditures expected to rise at minimum of 10% this year. Search ads are figured to account $346.7 million climb this year; while search placements are anticipated to constitute the largest single component of digital advertising until 2017. Likewise, display spending is currently at its rising momentum ... Read more -->

Middle East and Africa no. 2 in the world’s largest mobile phone usage

Middle East and Africa no. 2 in the world’s largest mobile phone usage Middle East and Africa (MEA) emerged as the second largest in the world in terms of mobile phone users with 525.8 million (up from 358.3 million in 2009), next to Asia-Pacific region. In terms of smartphone usage, the region is foreseen of hitting nearly a double with 112.2 million, up from 67 million last year. Currently, the number of smartphone users has climbed to 21.3%, up from 1.5% placed on record in 2009. Smartphone’s penetration is expected to skyrocket from 5.1% to 83%, according to the report. It was noted, however, that despite the rapid rise of smartphone penetration in MEA, the region has remained last in the world when it comes to metric, which helps explain why mobile internet spending in the region is expected lowes... Read more -->

Africa’s mobile market to reach $234 billion in 2020

Africa’s mobile market to reach $234 billion in 2020 From a value of $60 billion this year, Africa’s emerging mobile phone market is expected to skyrocket to $234 billion in 2020, according to recent study. Between a period of 2013 and 2020, the region’s mobile phone market is eyed to hit at an annual rate of 21.27% to realize the projected sales volume. Accordingly, in the past decade, the region’s mobile market growth had surpassed Europe and Latin American markets to have emerged as the second biggest market in the world for handsets after Asia. Looking back at GSMA’s records in Africa’s number of mobile connections from 2005 to 2012, it showed a tremendous growth from 15% (in 2005) rising to 72% in 2012 within the region’s approximate 1 billion populace. Further, the reg... Read more -->

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Shift to mobile ads seen ADVERTISERS and creative agencies in Asia Pacific predict that companies will shift to mobile marketing in 2014 to boost presence on the platform, a global marketing research agency said.In a survey by Warc, a worldwide marketing research organization, mobile advertising is seen as a global priority in the Asia Pacific by 2014. Warc noted that 90% of the respondents predicted that the budget for mobile marketing would shoot up in 2014. A third predicted an increased budget of up to 75% for mobile advertising. APAC Smartphone Sales Climb 74% A new report from Digital News Asia reveals that ASIA Pacific, Latin America and Eastern Europe are enjoying the highest smartphone growth rates in the world at 74.1%, 5... Read more -->