Tablets hit France by storm with 60% up in 2013

Tablets hit France by storm with 60% up in 2013 The most dramatic rise of tablets’ segment happened in France last year with total volumes of 6 million tablet devices, or equivalent to 60.4%, sold in 2013. According to IDC’s report, the shipment of smart-connected devices in 2013 exceeded 35 million units sold or 7.1% increase year-on-year. Tablets, having seen specifically with the most impressive rise last year, are projected to be consistent in its climbing trail – expected to dominate a growth story with 28.1% shipments this year. And in the next three years, tablets will record a double-digit in the French market. In terms of sales value, Apple was hailed as leader in the market in the last quarter of 2013. Samsung, however, took the lead in terms of volume with 1.8 mill... Read more -->

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Mobile users expect target, relevant ads Mobile ads are best when they meet demands around time, environment and frequency so that they are delivered at the right time of day and on the right day. Nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of consumers are somewhat or extremely unwilling to share personal information on their mobile devices, according to a PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC) survey of 1,500 people, "Mobile Advertising: What Do U.S. Consumers Want?" Of the 69 percent who are open to receive mobile ads, the ads are preferred when the consumer is in a "leisurely" mode. Even ads that are relevant to personal interests do not directly translate to ad interest or engagement, with 71 percent of respondents choosing not to click through a relev... Read more -->

TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

Mobile Devices to Boost US Holiday Ecommerce Sales Growth Mcommerce to increase its share of total ecommerce retail sales. Mobile devices account for a rapidly growing share of US retail ecommerce sales, and are expected to contribute to strong ecommerce sales growth this holiday season, according to eMarketer’s latest estimates. eMarketer projects that retail ecommerce holiday sales in the US will rise about 15% again this year, matching last year’s gains. In total, US retail ecommerce sales for the holiday season—defined as November and December—are expected to reach $61.8 billion, up from $53.7 billion last year. Retail Industry Remains the Largest Spender in US Digital Advertising Direct-response, search spending garner... Read more -->

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Mobile Gains Greater Share of Search, Display Spending Digital ad spending continues to shift from desktop to mobile devices, according to eMarketer’s latest estimates on US ad spending. Search has already undergone a dramatic shift in spending toward mobile, which will continue into the future. In 2010, just 2.1% of all digital search ad dollars were spent on mobile devices. This year, that share will reach 22.1%, and by 2017, eMarketer expects, US advertisers will spend 59.6% of all digital search dollars on mobile. Study: Mobile Ad Geo-Targeting And Geo-Conquesting On The Rise Mobile phones have quickly become the lifeline for many Americans, allowing people to stay in constant contact with family and business associates, and ... Read more -->

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Asia outpaces US in m-commerce As digital commerce extends into mobile technologies, growing numbers of consumers are integrating smartphones into their purchasing processes. This worldwide trend is moving fastest in certain emerging markets, where switched-on consumers are proving more apt to embrace m-shopping than are their developed market peers. New research shows that just 16 per cent of US online consumers have used a mobile device to shop Mobile Brings More Consumers Online in Thailand Despite uneven economic growth in recent years, an overall rise in income levels has made Thailand one of the countries contributing to the emerging global middle class. Thanks in part to these higher incomes, new groups of people are gaining... Read more -->

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M-commerce in South Africa: a huge opportunity waiting to explode This is the general definition for both digital goods (such as in-game upgrades) and physical goods (such as shopping for shoes on Amazon’s mobile app) are bought. The opportunity in South Africa. While there is a large amount of research and actual data on m-commerce available for more mature markets such as the US, there is surprisingly little information available on the emerging market countries. In South Africa, we found some interesting statistics in the “World Wide Worx Mobile Consumer in SA 2012” survey. Per the survey, phone-based purchases of physical products that are delivered to the IAB, MMA, and MRC Set New Standard for Quality Ad Metrics With Revise... Read more -->

Mobile web penetration in Brazil gains momentum

Mobile web penetration in Brazil gains momentum Mobile penetration in Brazil has acquired another 2% climb from last year, reaching 84% of the country’s population, according to Centro de Estudos sobre as Tecnologias da Informação e da Comunicação (, in its June 2013 report, has emphasized that mobile phone users are connecting the internet using their mobile devices, as shown by a tremendous 6% rise last year, to almost one-quarter of mobile phone users. The largest percentage of mobile phone web users is dominated by the wealthiest economic class with three out of five getting internet access through their mobile devices. Mobile phone web usage is high as well among younger adults and those at late teens (ages 16 to 24), which has constituted 44%, report ... Read more -->

UK leads mobile commerce in Europe

UK leads mobile commerce in Europe UK has indicated 37% of its turnover coming from mobile commerce, placing the country a leader in terms of mobile commerce usage among all other European countries, according to a study. Mobile commerce has shared 42% of online sales among these countries (like Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, and France) considered in the study, resulting to 6% tremendous growth since close of 2012. Looking at the devices widely used in mobile commerce, study revealed 47% of the sales were coming from smartphone, while the remaining 53% constituted the tablet devices. According to the report, UK’s lead from the other seven countries is substantial – if to consider France, ranked second in the study, far behind at 29% only... Read more -->

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Global mobile revenue growth shifts to Asia Mobile operator revenue generated in Asia will cross the $500 billion mark this year, making it the most valuable and fastest-growing regional mobile market in the world. Local operators generated $478 billion in revenue in 2012, an increase of 10.4% year-on-year. This means that today Asia contributes 42% of global mobile revenue – equivalent in size to the North American and European mobile markets combined. Last year, Asia was the only global region to post double digit annual revenue growth, accounting for almost two-thirds of global growth and underscoring the importance of the region in driving the global mobile market forwards. Within Asia, mobile revenue growth continues to outpace GD... Read more -->

Mobile marketing climbs seriously in the US to expect $400 billion in 2015

Mobile marketing climbs seriously in the US to expect $400 billion in 2015 Facts: Mobile marketing shared $139 billion to the US economy and created 524,000 jobs last year, MMA study. The mobile marketing ecosystem is anticipated to generate more than $400 billion to the U.S. economy by 2015, representing an annual growth rate of 52.5%, according to the new "MMA Mobile Marketing Economic Impact Study." As MMA further noted, the $400 billion is nearly the size of the current gross domestic product (GDP) of Argentina or Austria; and would surpass the current GDP of Thailand. Report said the efficiency of mobile marketing spend based on its impact on mobile sales was a subject for determination of the study. In 2012, the marketing impact ratio, or overall return on every dollar that a marketer invests in the... Read more -->