7 key trends shaping the mobile marketing space: Why do mobile marketers need to know?

For marketers who are planning to integrate the mobile devices on their marketing plans, here are some of the exciting facts that make you really on the right track. eMarketer analyst has recently revealed seven (7) key trends shaping the mobile marketing space that mobile marketers need to know. READ ON 7 key trends mobile marketers need to know: eMarketer keynote By: Dan Butcher NEW YORK – An eMarketer analyst revealed seven key trends that mobile marketers need to know during a keynote address at the digiday: Mobile conference. Noah Elkin, senior analyst at eMarketer, New York, offered up the following list of trends shaping the mobile marketing space: # 1: Mobile usage has become pervasive. In 2008, there were 228.2 million mobi... Read more -->

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Big Potential for In-Store Mobile Marketing “Consumers have already demonstrated that they like to research products online before buying them in a store,” said Jeffrey Grau, eMarketer senior analyst and author of the new report “Mobile Shopping from In-Store: A Potential Game-Changer.” “Until now, researching online and buying in a store have been sequential activities that take place hours, days or even weeks apart. But customers who bring their Web-enabled mobile phones with them into a store can do online research at the point of a purchase decision.” Opinion: A New Publishing Frontier For advertisers and marketers, e-readers -- which captivate with their convenience, portability and access to a huge libra... Read more -->

Retail Industry: Mobile offers the opportunity to connect with Hispanics

The mobile medium displays a good chance in connecting with the Hispanic shoppers, as recent report found that 29% of Hispanics settled into using their mobile phones in searching for an out-of-stock item at a competing retailer. According to the report (Mobile User and Usage Report) conducted by eMarketer, reaching for mobile audience, which has become a challenge among new marketers using mobile, has provided a clearer picture as far as the Hispanic market is a concern. Lisa E. Phillips, eMarketer senior analyst and author of the new report, said that Hispanics use the mobile medium and technology all the time to fortify their engagement not only for family but to their social world in general; hence, marketers who have just turned to mo... Read more -->

TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

Research and Markets: Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Mobile Advertising - What Marketing Executives Need to Know to Capitalize on Mobile Ads In Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Mobile Advertising, ExecSense examines what marketing executives need to know to capitalize on mobile ads - everything from smartphone apps to interstitial advertising to traditional mobile direct marketing methods such as SMS or MMS messaging, as well as new opportunities such as the iPad. Advertisers to find new ways to target consumers via mobile Internet SINGAPORE : Advertisers need to find new and more interesting ways to reach out to regional consumers via mobile internet. In a survey, Internet search engine Yahoo said as much as half of ... Read more -->

Canadian Mobile Market: Mobile Subscriptions in Canada to Increase at 20%, report says

Mobile penetration in the Canadian region is seen to rise steadily over the next several years, according to eMarketer’s estimates. The region’s number of mobile subscribers, as eMarketer forecasts, will increase from this year’s 24.5 million to nearly 30 million by 2014 – an increase of about 20%. Marketers in the country are gearing up for increased usage. About one-half of those surveyed, according to Ipsos Reid, would be increasing their mobile spend this year, while another preferred to hold the spending the same as of last year. Canada is reported as the fifth-largest source of mobile advertising requests in March 2010, with more than 554 million ads served by the network. That was up from 332.5 million mobile ads served to ... Read more -->

Mobile Internet surges in the Philippines at 5%

Internet usage in the Philippine region has a dramatic surge from zero percent in 2009 to five percent this year. One very important factor seen to this notable growth is the attractive tariffs and demand for social networking, according to Neilsen Media Philippines’ Net Index study. In a report published in Manila Times, the research firm said that affluent young Filipinos are expected to spend more time surfing on the Internet through mobile phones. Neilsen Media has seen this consistent trend given that the cost of mobile devices and Internet access in the region are going down. The study has revealed as well the activities that drive to mobile Internet usage in the region with instant messaging on top of the list at 77%, followed b... Read more -->

Advertisers in Africa allot more than 50% of interactive marketing budgets in Mobile

Some of the biggest success stories in the mobile space came from Africa with advertisers in the region spent more than 50% of its interactive advertising budgets to mobile, Starcom’s Ravi Kiran said. The African region became a hot topic among marketers during the Mobile Conversations 2010 conference in India as Starcom’s Ravi Kiran cited some of the biggest success stories in the mobile space, which actually happened in the region. In an Afaqs article, Mr. Kiran substantiated his points saying that more than 50% of interactive budget for the African region got routed to mobile marketing, compared to Asia (2.5%) and 1.3% to US and Europe regions. Explaining to this inspiring occurrence, he said that one has to look at the unique mobi... Read more -->

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Mobile can restore diminished brand loyalty caused by recession: Study Due to the recessionary environment, consumers have been willing to forgo their favorite brands to cut household costs. Mobile represents a new access point for brand engagement and marketing opportunities. There has been a clear willingness to “trade down” to lower-priced brands over the past two years. According to research by comScore a decline in loyalty to consumer goods brands is typically one of the byproducts of a recession as consumers give greater consideration to price. Consumer dependency on mobile devices increasing: InsightExpress Forty-five percent of users check their mobile devices first thing in the morning, according to InsightEx... Read more -->

TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

MMA updates guidelines for cross-carrier mobile content The Mobile Marketing Association updated its United States Consumer Best Practices Guidelines for Cross-Carrier Mobile Content Services. The guidelines are the industry standard for cross-carrier mobile services such as text messaging, multimedia messaging, short code programs, interactive voice response and mobile Web. The new 5.0 guidelines outline acceptable and unacceptable practices for all players in the U.S. ecosystem. Mobile Advertising, SMS Can Achieve “More Than A 100% Response Rate,” Says Expert Though it may be perceived as a bit over ambitious, mobile advertising is said to be capable of a “more than 100% response rate,” according to one indus... Read more -->