Brazil is second in BRIC’s ecommerce market

Brazil is second in BRIC’s ecommerce market The ecommerce market in Brazil is expanding rapidly this year, estimated to reach 71.8 million consumers browsing for products and services across digital devices. According to eMarketer’s report, Brazil will record 32.9 million digital buyers or 37.7% of the country’s internet users this year. In a separate June 2013 data from comScore Media Metrix, 77.3% of internet users in Brazil were recorded to have visited the retail sites, ranking the nation second among the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China). The said percentage is behind only of China’s 84.1%, and above the global average of 74.4%. The country’s internet usage, however, recorded a lesser spending in terms of online retail than that of China; but it is far... Read more -->

Tablets hit France by storm with 60% up in 2013

Tablets hit France by storm with 60% up in 2013 The most dramatic rise of tablets’ segment happened in France last year with total volumes of 6 million tablet devices, or equivalent to 60.4%, sold in 2013. According to IDC’s report, the shipment of smart-connected devices in 2013 exceeded 35 million units sold or 7.1% increase year-on-year. Tablets, having seen specifically with the most impressive rise last year, are projected to be consistent in its climbing trail – expected to dominate a growth story with 28.1% shipments this year. And in the next three years, tablets will record a double-digit in the French market. In terms of sales value, Apple was hailed as leader in the market in the last quarter of 2013. Samsung, however, took the lead in terms of volume with 1.8 mill... Read more -->

TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

Mobile users expect target, relevant ads Mobile ads are best when they meet demands around time, environment and frequency so that they are delivered at the right time of day and on the right day. Nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of consumers are somewhat or extremely unwilling to share personal information on their mobile devices, according to a PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC) survey of 1,500 people, "Mobile Advertising: What Do U.S. Consumers Want?" Of the 69 percent who are open to receive mobile ads, the ads are preferred when the consumer is in a "leisurely" mode. Even ads that are relevant to personal interests do not directly translate to ad interest or engagement, with 71 percent of respondents choosing not to click through a relev... Read more -->

TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

Mobile Gives Newspapers Boost UK News sites are reaping significant rewards from the consumer shift toward mobile devices in the UK, with the number of unique visitors to mobile newspaper sites rising 39% year over year to 13.5 million in December 2013, according to research conducted by comScore GSMA Mobile Media Metrics cited by Newsworks. Page views saw a 63% year-over-year increase, as well. The same research suggested those who accessed news sites from a mobile device had higher incomes: More than six in 10 respondents with a household income of £75,000 ($117,187.50) or more did so. Visitors were also more likely to be younger, with 18- to 34-year-olds accounting for 45% of consumers who accessed news sites via mobile. Display a... Read more -->

UK: News access via mobile rose 39%

UK: News access via mobile rose 39% Consumers’ shift on mobile devices has reaped rewards to news sites. A number of unique visits to mobile newspaper sites showed an impressive rise of 39% year-by-year, to 13.5 million. Based on research by comScore and Newsworks, page views also increase by 63% year-by-year. The study noted the presence of strong correlation between accessing to news sites and using the social media through mobile phones. Visits to news sites and social media from mobile browsers hit 85%; while the access to retail sites via mobile reached 89%. Meanwhile, a poll conducted by Kantar Media for UK’s Office of Communications spotted a difference as between the way UK consumers perceived the social networks and the news sites. Accordingly, consumers gi... Read more -->

TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

M-commerce has grown 63% in the last 5 years, with an average £199 spent on mobile purchases in 2013 Four out of 10 smartphone owners have bought something direct from their mobile phone spending an average of £199 each in 2013. Over half (55 per cent) of shoppers had used their mobile device in stores, with 54 per cent comparing prices online, 41 per cent taking photos for future reference, and 46 per cent researching their potential buys online. A cheeky one in six admitted to 'showrooming' – Mobile Finally Reaches Top of Retailer Priorities From slow and steady, to fast and hard, retailers are now adopting mobile solutions – those pertaining to everything from marketing to payments – at a pace we haven’t previously wit... Read more -->

Mobile fuels growth to India’s retail environment

Mobile fuels growth to India’s retail environment The ecommerce business in India climbed up to 80% as consumers became accustomed to shopping using their mobile devices. The new report cited the Indian consumers beginning to feel the necessity of mobile in their retail purchases. Indian retailers were also aligning to the mobile trend and came up with their mobile initiatives.  This year, India’s entire ecommerce market is valued at $13 billion, and with retailers now focusing more to the mobile strategy, it is no surprising that in the year 2020, it will continue to accelerate up to $70 billion. The entire Asia, meanwhile, leads the world in mobile app revenue in 2013 with South Korea (271%) taking on top of the list; Hong Kong followed at 211%; and China at 203%. Accordingly, l... Read more -->

Digital ad spend in Finland dominated by mobile ads

Digital ad spend in Finland dominated by mobile ads Mobile made a big story in Finland’s advertising success last year, with mobile phones and tablets rocketed 368%. Mobile, by year-end, recorded 8.7% of all investments in the digital display ads. According to IAB report, almost 20% of the country’s advertising spending last year came from digital ad platforms. The total investment of Finnish advertisers in digital media in 2013 recorded a growth of 6.8%, or €237.6 million ($316.8 million). Based on IAB Finland, the said growth figure in digital spend has resulted to the unprecedented rise of 19.7% in the country’s overall media spending. Meanwhile, in-stream ad also made another winning story last year rising 24%, equivalent to 9.1% of all display. Search and social media acco... Read more -->

US mobile market, Poland’s mcommerce high

US mobile market, Poland’s mcommerce high The mobile market in the US region is largely dominated by smartphone’s market share with 65.2% in last year’s Q4. Poland, meanwhile, is viewed to display a stronger mobile commerce value. Based on the report, the US smartphone market hit 2.2% increase in a three-month period from its Q3 sales chart and 11% high from last year’s record. In terms of dominance, Android has remained on top of the list with 51.5% majority share against Apple with 48.1% only. Although Android’s trajectory sale showed a little decline from its Q3 performance (51.8%), it did not affect its total climbing performance in 2013. Apple, meanwhile, climbed in Q4 to 2.1 points from 40.6. Comparing from Q4 in 2012, Apple displayed a significant 5.5% rise, w... Read more -->

Mobile ad opportunities high in BRIC markets

Mobile ad opportunities high in BRIC markets The advertising industry attracts more excitement this year as forecast to global mobile ads will reach up to 34.7% or $18 billion. Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRIC) markets are at the forefront of the rising ad industry. As the report cited, the BRIC markets have successfully established a better mobile advertising base because of constant growth that these countries have been experiencing. Technology advancement and stabilized large emerging economies will take Russia and Brazil on top of the list; while the expansion of middle class will bring China and India in the mobile ad spotlight. In 2013, Brazil recorded 21 million mobile units sold. Android dominated as operating system for smartphones in the country with 56% market... Read more -->