Mobile web penetration in Brazil gains momentum

Mobile web penetration in Brazil gains momentum Mobile penetration in Brazil has acquired another 2% climb from last year, reaching 84% of the country’s population, according to Centro de Estudos sobre as Tecnologias da Informação e da Comunicação (, in its June 2013 report, has emphasized that mobile phone users are connecting the internet using their mobile devices, as shown by a tremendous 6% rise last year, to almost one-quarter of mobile phone users. The largest percentage of mobile phone web users is dominated by the wealthiest economic class with three out of five getting internet access through their mobile devices. Mobile phone web usage is high as well among younger adults and those at late teens (ages 16 to 24), which has constituted 44%, report ... Read more -->

Mobile internet to drive growth in Vietnam as government invests online infrastructures

Mobile internet to drive growth in Vietnam as government invests online infrastructures With Vietnam government’s investment to online infrastructure, it’s no surprise that Vietnam will be home to one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, with mobile seen as key driver in broadening the country’s web access. In a report (Vietnam Online: Mobile Internet Will Drive Growth), eMarketer emphasized that the Vietnam’s internet user base has dramatically increased during the past 10 years, to record 31.2 million in October 2012 from 3.1 million back in 2003. Due to the government’s substantial investment to online infrastructures, the country now boosts an internet penetration of 35.6%, according to Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNC) in its November 2012 release. Mobile phones are said to have an ... Read more -->

Mobile web use goes up in China, Germany

Mobile web use goes up in China, Germany The mobile web use in China reveals growth now that almost one-third of consumers in lower-tier Chinese cities now use the mobile internet, according to new figure. From 10,000 Chinese people in China’s third and fourth tier cities, 32% of them browsed the web via wireless devices, up by 351% since 2009. Among the gadgets used, Smartphone was recorded on top at 20% while featured phones ranked second (12%), and followed by tablets and netbooks at 2% and 1%, respectively. Top activities include instant messaging, mentioned (93%). Search logged (27%), reading ebooks (22%) and utilising Weibo or microblogging sites (18%). In a broader sense, report showed internet penetration acquired 59%, a growth rate of 18% year on year. Acco... Read more -->

Mobile Market: Samsung, top handset manufacturer in the US mobile market

The latest report of comScore revealed Samsung as the top handset manufacturer with an overall market share of 25.3% while Google Android continued gaining ground in the Smartphone market with 40.1% market share in June. For the three-month average period, Samsung ranked as top OEM with 25.3% market share (0.08% up). LG came closer at second spot with 21.3% market share (equivalent to 0.4% points), and Motorola on third rank with 14.5% market share. Apple strengthened a post at fourth with 8.9% while RIM at fifth with 7.9% market share. Meanwhile, Google Andriod made it on top rank with 40.1 market share (5.4% up) in the Smartphone market. Apple grabbed the second rank with a market share of 26.6% (1.1% up) while RIM came third with 24.3%... Read more -->

TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

Creative and mobile marketing 'to be key for travel brands' Travel brands will be embracing mobile marketing next year, the latest study shows. Travel brands expect to increase the emphasis they place on using creative channels like social media and web content, as well as mobile marketing, new research suggests. According to a survey of 325 travel brands, including airlines, agents, tourist boards and tour operators, from Frommers, 70 per cent of respondents are planning to raise their digital marketing spend next year. The mobile Internet does not need apps THE CO-CEO of Canadian Blackberry smartphone maker Research in Motion (RIM), Jim Balsillie has said that Apple's idea that smartphones need apps is just plain sil... Read more -->

IAB, MMA work together on industry standards to measure mobile web ad delivery

Industry standardization for the Mobile Web Advertising and Measurement Guidelines is recently released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) for public comment. The guideline is reportedly designed to regulate the key metrics for the mobile interactive industry. With the help of Media Rating Council, the guidelines will be expected to provide a framework that governs how ad impressions are counted on the mobile web. In a statement at Mobile Marketer NY, MMA said that “effective and reliable measurement standards are a cornerstone requirement for the health and future growth of the mobile marketing industry”. The guidelines, among other things, are also aimed to provide transparency to ... Read more -->

TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

Baidu's Answer to Android And The Mobile Market Baidu, the ten-year-old leading Chinese search engine firm, is developing a new mobile operating system, like Android or Windows, the Chinese media reports. What does this mean for the smart phone and mobile search/apps commerce market in the People’s Republic of China? Earlier this year, Motorola’s announcement that its Android smart phones for China Unicom will embed Baidu as its mobile search engine was lost in media reporting regarding Google’s issues in China. AdMob CEO: Apple not enforcing ad restrictions Despite putting a scare into AdMob and its customers with its new policies on third-party ad networks, Apple has not yet enforced those policies, AdMob's CEO co... Read more -->

TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

Research and Markets: Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Mobile Advertising - What Marketing Executives Need to Know to Capitalize on Mobile Ads In Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Mobile Advertising, ExecSense examines what marketing executives need to know to capitalize on mobile ads - everything from smartphone apps to interstitial advertising to traditional mobile direct marketing methods such as SMS or MMS messaging, as well as new opportunities such as the iPad. Advertisers to find new ways to target consumers via mobile Internet SINGAPORE : Advertisers need to find new and more interesting ways to reach out to regional consumers via mobile internet. In a survey, Internet search engine Yahoo said as much as half of ... Read more -->

TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

Three steps for publishers to monetize mobile traffic One of the most common questions that publishers ask these days is: How can I increase the monetization of my mobile traffic? Clearly the answer is very different for each publisher, but my goal is to lay out a rough guide to get you thinking about what might work for you. For the sake of discussion, let us say you are a U.S.-based publisher with a sales team that calls directly on advertisers and agencies. Also, let us assume most of your traffic is from the United States, and your international traffic is small, so you are not yet monetizing it. 28% of US Mobile Web Users Go Online Daily Twenty-eight percent of US mobile phone users access the mobile internet at leas... Read more -->

Advertisers in Africa allot more than 50% of interactive marketing budgets in Mobile

Some of the biggest success stories in the mobile space came from Africa with advertisers in the region spent more than 50% of its interactive advertising budgets to mobile, Starcom’s Ravi Kiran said. The African region became a hot topic among marketers during the Mobile Conversations 2010 conference in India as Starcom’s Ravi Kiran cited some of the biggest success stories in the mobile space, which actually happened in the region. In an Afaqs article, Mr. Kiran substantiated his points saying that more than 50% of interactive budget for the African region got routed to mobile marketing, compared to Asia (2.5%) and 1.3% to US and Europe regions. Explaining to this inspiring occurrence, he said that one has to look at the unique mobi... Read more -->