TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

BII REPORT: Why Mobile Commerce Is Set To Explode Shoppers carry mobile devices everywhere they go, and they're already using their phones to redeem coupons, research products, and pay for things online and offline. And with mobile, it's now feasible to track an individual from the very first intention to shop for an item, to the actual purchase at point-of-sale. Preparing for a mobile-led shift in consumer behavior Discussions around mobile in 2013 should no longer focus only on technology or marketing, but include a harsh reality about to hit marketers: consumer behavior toward marketing, shopping, entertainment, information and communication is rapidly changing. Since the iPhone’s launch five years ago opened the possibilities... Read more -->

Broadcasters Need To Find Ways To Monetize The Offline 2 Online Viewer Experience in Asia

Broadcasters Need To Find Ways To Monetize The Offline 2 Online Viewer Experience in Asia The real challenge for content owners and broadcast corporations is monetization of the viewer to user experience, according to CEO Jonathan Ellis of TheTMSway Ltd, during the recent CASBAA TV Conference ‘12 held in Hong Kong.  Recent data from revealed how Asian countries are showing up on top of the world’s ranking in social media usage: (2) India, (4) Indonesia, (8) Philippines, (14) Thailand, and (18) Malaysia. During the recent CASBAA TV Conference 2012 the point of discussion from leaders and TV industry experts was focused on how Socializing TV impacts their industry in Asia. ‘How do broadcasters take advantage of tweets or Facebook likes? How do they integrate them into their transmission and how can they ... Read more -->

TheTMSway, Benefit launched an interactive campaign in Hong Kong

TheTMSway, Benefit launched an interactive campaign in Hong Kong Street marketing in Hong Kong becomes interactive via a partnership deal between mobile marketing enabler, TheTMSway Ltd, and client cosmetics brand Benefit. During a road show that lodged at a mall in Hong Kong, client brand Benefit was able to introduce its “Benefit Instant Beauty School” and other beauty products to women of styles and glamour, and engaged them all in a one-stop interactive campaign powered by TMS. Aimed to acquire a wider share of consumer responses in social media and email, Benefit placed a TMS short code on its posters, flyers, and magazine ads inviting women to use the code and get an access to the brand’s mobile offers. Using mobile phones, consumers were instructed to visit and enter ... Read more -->

Hoteliers’ marketing effort gives focus on mobile site

Hoteliers’ marketing effort gives focus on mobile site Hoteliers are more interested in mobile site development than any other aspect of mobile marketing, according to a recent pulse poll.   Owning a mobile site became a top preference for hoteliers with 60% of them wanted it for their mobile marketing initiatives, as compared to mobile apps which constituted 30% of the poll only. This percentage is equivalent to two-thirds of those surveyed, while less than one-third of preference went to that of mobile apps. A combined 10% of those surveyed were interested to mobile banner advertising (5%), which came third on rank, and were followed by mobile analytics (2%) at fourth spot. SMS marketing and mobile SEO were both at same 1%. According to, the result of said pulse poll ... Read more -->

TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

Mobile Ad Spend to Hit $6.4 Billion in 2012 A new report from eMarketer pegs global mobile spending at $6.43 for 2012. US mobile ad spend will hit $2.29 billion, up 96.6 percent from $1.16 billion in 2011. Until this year, Japan was the leader in mobile ad spend with $1.36 billion in 2011. While mobile is more mature in Japan, eMarketer estimates Japan will see a 27.2 percent increase in spending to $1.74 billion in 2012. Online ad spend cracks $3b, mobile growth ten times total online Growth in mobile ad spend outpaced growth in total online revenue by a factor of ten to one during the past financial year, as the online ad industry cracked $3 billion for the first time. According to figures released by the Interactive Advertisin... Read more -->

Founder’s Post: TMSfactory™ goes Live in beta

Today, we are excited to announce that our mobile campaign creation engine, TMS factory™ has gone live in beta, with new features that surely take real-time marketing and commerce to mainstream. Our platform allows anyone to create and manage real-time mobile offers in multiple languages via an online self-service platform accessible on computers and tablets. We also provide merchants with the tools for building and selling customizable mobile coupons and gift cards that can be promoted in social and offline media. TMS factory™ gives access to a library of templates allowing users to create mobile site campaigns, without requiring the technical knowhow to compose. The campaign can be created in as little as five minutes, and can be o... Read more -->

TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

Bridging the gap with mobile Mobile is the platform for next generation of advertising. The statistics show the potential, and the industry big wigs agree that this is where the brands should be. Now the big question is not why, but how the brands can get on the mobile platform and make this the part of their brand marketing ecosystem. This was the key point of discussion at the recently concluded Mobile Marketing Association Forum held in Singapore. The market figures show that across the region mobile is the first point of contact for brands with the consumers because this is one device that is always on, and is the prime source of communication for all the consumers. During his presentation at MMAF, Ashutosh Srivastav, CEO, Mind... Read more -->

TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

With an Inherently Local Ad Base, Publishers Can Take the Mobile Lead With mobile advertising experiencing 10-20% growth year-over-year, focus can be the big challenge for most people involved in the mobile space. With expansion is going to come diversification, as increasingly niche long-tail approaches will add depth to a field that till now has been in its infancy. Mobile advertising is currently largely national or online brands and products—especially with the explosion of ads in games advertising for other games. Local advertising makes up only a small percentage of mobile ad buys, and there’s little sense in this. Yet it’s not going to be local businesses themselves that correct this imbalance—it’s traditional loc... Read more -->

TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

Why mobile TV is the linchpin for advertising success For broadcasters and networks, mobile is becoming a necessary part of their distribution channels to meet the needs of consumers who want television content to be available on multiple platforms. Here lies the opportunity for brand advertisers. With the increase in networks and broadcasters looking to mobile to give users additional bits of content and live streaming, marketers also have an opportunity to target mobile campaigns in new, non-traditional ways. The new slew of mobile initiatives also has implications for cable providers looking to lock consumers into TV services across multiple screens. Mobile Device Users Highly Connected With Entertainment Ads Two-thirds of... Read more -->