TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

What will AT&T’s $1 billion buy for businesses? Mobile operator AT&T announced details of a $1 billion investment plan today. This money is going to be put towards improving the services that AT&T offers to its enterprise customers around the world. So what does a billion get you these days? Read on for more detail. AT&T has offered five areas in which it is investing, but it can really be broken down into three: 1) Global 2) Network 3) Applications. Global - AT&T is looking to provide better services for businesses; both at home and abroad. So this won’t just be an America investment. Companies of all sizes, from SMEs in the States to multi-nationals, will be benefiting from this - including plans for a... Read more -->

Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and the UAE regions shift to online and mobile media for news

Experts call 2010 the year of digital media. In an AFP report, 49% of consumers in UAE use both the internet and print media; and more than half in Egypt, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia use online sources. The industry experts confirmed that news consumption in these regions is increasing rapidly in favor to the digitals – the online and mobile media. According to the Arab Media Outlook 2009-2013 report, more than half of the news consumers in Egypt, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia depend on internet sources while 49% use the internet and print media in UAE. As industry experts anticipate the online advertising growth in the region in the next three years, they started laying foundation of new business in the domain of digital and online marketing ... Read more -->

TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

Motorola Maintains Mobile Subscriber Market Share Lead Despite a slight dip in its market share percentage, Motorola still led all mobile OEMs in U.S. subscriber market share during Q4 2009, according to the comScore MobiLens service. A total of 234 million people age 13 and older in the U.S. used mobile devices by the end of Q4 2009 in December 2009. Motorola’s market share of this group dropped from 24.9% in Q3 2009 to 23.5% in Q4 2009. LG retained its number spot, incrementally increasing market share from 21.7% to 21.9%. 15B Mobile Tickets Forecasted to be Sold by 2014 Nearly 15 billion tickets will be delivered to mobile devices worldwide by 2014, compared to just more than two billion this year, according to a new... Read more -->

From TheTMSway: TMSfactory now with new improved mobile marketing services and more user-friendly interface

We are happy to announce the latest from, your self-service mobile marketing platform for “media to mobile” interaction. This month, we kicked off in the next phase of our mobile marketing services development with a totally new version of TMSfactory equipped with more services and a simpler and friendlier interface. SMS campaign builder. You can use our SMS TXT campaign builder when you aim to create a simple SMS text ad. Our SMS campaign builder can localize campaigns in up to 160 targeted countries in real time. We have added 2 optional services to our SMS campaign builder. First is the possibility to add a URL in the SMS which can be linked to mobile web content for consumers who have Internet-enabled mobile phon... Read more -->

Mobile marketing sector to account 11.7% of digital ad spend, analyst

The mobile marketing sector is forecasted to account 11.7% of total digital advertising spend by 2014 according to industry analyst, Berg Insight. Based on the firm’s projections, mobile marketing will be worth an estimated EUR 8.7 billion (£7.8 billion) in the next five years. The firm believes that the medium will become a standard part of digital campaigns email marketing and html email newsletters. Marcus Persson, telecom analyst at Berg Insight, said: "Advertisers are increasingly aware of the opportunities and seek new ways to exploit them. Read more PR: wait... I: wait... L: wait... LD: wait... I: wait... wait... C: wait... SD: wait... ... Read more -->

TheTMSway provides a new service for its mobile marketing platform TMSfactory to distribute mobile coupons in real time from social media posts such as Twitter or Facebook

GLOBAL -- Brands using social media to engage in conversation with consumers can now include a TMS tiny URL in a post which will link to a widget where consumers can “opt in” using their cell # to receive a mobile offer via a free message alert.  The service is available in 160 countries. “Actually we can see the migration of a majority of international and local brands to social media like Twitter or Facebook. They use those networks to engage with consumers and to provide news and promo to followers, “Dell Outlet” on Twitter with 1.5M followers is a good example and I think what drives those brands to social is of course the audience and the simplicity of the service which offers low cost connection to consumers, avoiding the... Read more -->

Guide to Mobile Platforms for Marketing, MMA

Brands and agencies recognize and agree that the mobile channel is a highly effective way to reach consumers. But the most successful campaigns are built on the understanding that the mobile channel isn't homogeneous. Instead, savvy brands and marketers know that it's actually a set of options, each with its own strengths and considerations that must be factored in to ensure a maximally effective campaign. Take Short Message Service (SMS), which is the world's most widely used wireless data service partly because it's been built into virtually every handset--even entry-level models - sold over the past several years. As a result, there's an enormous installed base of SMS users, across every demographic group, for brands and marketers ... Read more -->

TheTMSway at the intersection of Media and Mobile

By Frederick Saurat A vision on how the mobile marketing using TMS can make the traditional media measurable and interactive in the next decade … In parallel to the launching of our TMSfactory platform’s version 1 and the positive result of our road show in New York and Los Angeles where TMSfactory was introduced to media such as WSJ, ESPN, and Fox. And following a presentation I did at the 2009 New York Venture Summit I tried to evaluate, while on flight back to Hong Kong, some potential and high profitable ways our media to mobile platform can offer to help expand small and large businesses and I’m now putting my reflections together in this post. Considering the fact that our platform allows real time interactivity betw... Read more -->

Report reveals 10% increase on mobile advertising awareness

From US mobile phone users alone, 38% recalls seeing mobile ads via SMS at the first quarter of 2009. On other hand, 59% reveals Smartphone (such as iPhones) users seeing ads with mobile web advertising on top list, according to a report released by Brightkite-GfK Quarterly Report. The increased breadth of mobile advertising reveals the most striking finding of the report with 23% Smartphone users recalls SMS advertising, 20% saw ads in social networks, and 15% from mobile TV/video. Report also reveals location-based network’s growth almost tripled to 15%. Read more... Read more -->

Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) extends Local Council in Asia Pacific

The MMA Asia Pacific is launched in India with an ultimate mission of building a sustainable ecosystem for the mobile marketing industry in the region and leading a region-wide consultation on key industry issues such as mobile advertising guidelines, measurement and metrics, codes of conduct and best practices. The council is reported to bring together the entire mobile ecosystem composed of carriers, application developers, brands, agencies, and other industry influencers. Read more…... Read more -->