TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

Bridging the gap with mobile Mobile is the platform for next generation of advertising. The statistics show the potential, and the industry big wigs agree that this is where the brands should be. Now the big question is not why, but how the brands can get on the mobile platform and make this the part of their brand marketing ecosystem. This was the key point of discussion at the recently concluded Mobile Marketing Association Forum held in Singapore. The market figures show that across the region mobile is the first point of contact for brands with the consumers because this is one device that is always on, and is the prime source of communication for all the consumers. During his presentation at MMAF, Ashutosh Srivastav, CEO, Mind... Read more -->

TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

M-Commerce Sales Shoot Up as More Consumers Buy via Mobile US m-commerce sales are on a steep upward trajectory, thanks in part to ever-increasing adoption of smartphones and the mobile internet among the US mobile population. eMarketer estimates mobile commerce sales will reach $6.7 billion this year—a tiny fraction of overall retail sales, to be sure, but a 91.4% increase over 2010. Next year, sales will rise another 73.1%, to $11.6 billion. $100 Smartphone to Shake Up Asia Telco Sector in 2012 Hundred dollar smartphones, which are already beginning to hit some markets in Asia, are likely to shake up the telecom sector in 2012, experts tell CNBC. Claus Mortensen, Principal of Emerging Technologies Research, IDC Asia Pac... Read more -->

TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

Forecast: Mobile retail marketing spending to reach $15B in 2012 Marketers will spend $15 billion globally on mobile retail campaigns in 2012--a 50 percent increase over 2011--according to a new forecast issued by Juniper Research. The firm adds that mobile retail marketing spend is accelerating faster in North America and Western Europe than it is in the Far East and China. Global market for mobile video $30bn by 2017 GIA (Global Industry Analysts) says the market for mobile video services is projected to reach $30 billion by 2017, primarily driven by factors such as continued deployment of high-speed mobile networks, increasing availability of sophisticated mobile phones that enable users to download and play videos, in... Read more -->

TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

Sizing the Mobile Payments Market Mobile payments, though they have yet to take off substantially in North America, are a hot topic, with major companies like Google joining startups in the space and hoping to grab a slice of billions of dollars in potential transactions. Research firms disagree on the current size of the nascent market, but project strong growth in mobile payments and their users. Fueled by smartphones, daily deals, merchants embrace mobile marketing in a big way Retailers can no longer rely on the flashing neon sign or the “clown on the corner” to draw in customers who are walking past the storefronts with their heads down looking at their mobile devices. That’s the message from Borrell Associates... Read more -->

Asia-Pacific region remains a leader in the world’s mobile market

Asia-Pacific is ahead of the world’s most advanced economies as far as Smartphone and overall mobile phone penetration, report said. In a study conducted by Google and Ipsos, the Asia-Pacific region remains leading in the global mobile market. The region is ahead of the world’s most advanced economies in terms of Smartphone and overall mobile phone penetration. The report (Smartphone Research on Mobile Internet and Market Trends) spanned 30 markets globally in which 11 markets were from Asia-Pacific. In its totality, the region had the highest mobile phone penetration in the world with the willingness to use those phones to shop and play, stripping out other markets. Report further said that more consumers from Asia-Pacific region... Read more -->

TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

How to choose a winning mobile strategy The executives who make the decision on strategy already have first-hand experience and an existing relationship with their phone. They understand the importance of mobile and are constantly reminded by friends and family that its influence is becoming increasingly broad on all levels. Secondly, the numbers are simply impossible to ignore. Businesses are moving their strategies in line with the evolving user behavior and companies of all sizes and sectors are putting mobile at the center of their business strategy. comScore Reports June 2011 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share The study surveyed more than 30,000 U.S. mobile subscribers and found Samsung to be the top ... Read more -->

Nigeria to pioneer mobile marketing in Africa, MMA

Nigeria is expected to pioneer mobile marketing in Africa, taken from its record of more than 90 million mobile phone users and over 50% penetration. In the gradual growth of mobile marketing in Nigeria, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) is said to align with those in the marketing chain to structure the market, segment mark and move further for the expansion of the media as channel to marketing. Prior to its plan of establishing a West Africa office, MMA has told African paper, Business Day, that it would brief stakeholders in the region on the benefits of the council and would conduct forum for telecom operators, senior marketing management on how to create revenue generating service to stimulate advertising and marketing income. R... Read more -->

Russia Mobile Trends: Nokia Takes a Lead

The Nokia Symbian is reportedly taking a lead across the Russian mobile market in spite of its market share’s staggering shrunk to 12% of last year. Apple, according to Yandex report, is at second position despite of iPhone’s market share rise in the past 12 months in as much as Nokia's fall - by 12%. Android's popularity, on other hand, is growing even faster than iOS' - it grew by 14% in 2010. According to the report, Nokia’s continuous lead despite a fall last year implicated its substantial market share margin in the region. One of the factors seen for such tremendous position of Nokia in the market is a “made in Finland” stamp of quality that resonated and placed the confidence of Russian mobile users in more than a decade. ... Read more -->

TheTMSway News: CEO Jonathan Ellis shared top 5 mobile marketing tips at Campaign Asia

The mobile marketing is consistently at the global forefront with several news stories coming out – all talking about this kind of marketing strategy.  But one thing for sure, brand marketers are expecting for a concise and truthful guide in their decision-making:  where and how should they position their mobile marketing approaches? Jonathan Ellis, CEO of TheTMSway, has spoken recently with Campaign Asia and shared his top five mobile marketing tips. Here’s a piece of it. Five things you need to know about mobile marketing By Jonathan Ellis | Mar 11, 2011 Jonathan Ellis, CEO of TheTMSway, shares his top five mobile marketing tips. [caption id="attachment_2172" align="alignleft" width="254" caption="Jonathan Ellis, CEO of Th... Read more -->

The new version of has released a solution for mobile app developers to deliver their App to different mobile OS consumers with only 1 shortcode

TheTMSway, a telco-free shortcodes provider, announced today the release of a new version of with a feature that is custom-made to address the global need for promoting Apps in response to the fragmentation of the device Operation Systems. The latest feature within ( gives mobile (and tablets) app developers a solution that provides them access to the different (OS) versions of their APP via the use of just one shortcode.  By using the TMS open platform, a developer can come up with a unique shortcode and link it to the different and specific URLs (x1 per OS) of his new App. “By way of illustration if we take the famous “Angry bird” App which was developed and deployed ont... Read more -->