TheTMSway Weekly Radar on Mobile Marketing and Business

Sizing the Mobile Payments Market

Mobile payments, though they have yet to take off substantially in North America, are a hot topic, with major companies like Google joining startups in the space and hoping to grab a slice of billions of dollars in potential transactions. Research firms disagree on the current size of the nascent market, but project strong growth in mobile payments and their users.

Fueled by smartphones, daily deals, merchants embrace mobile marketing in a big way

Retailers can no longer rely on the flashing neon sign or the “clown on the corner” to draw in customers who are walking past the storefronts with their heads down looking at their mobile devices. That’s the message from Borrell Associates, which says it is seeing a dramatic shift in how small and mid-size businesses are embracing mobile advertising and mobile promotions. Mobile advertising is fast becoming the go-to choice for local businesses across the U.S., thanks to the fast spreading of social media, smartphones and daily deals and coupons…

Global Location Based Advertising Market to Reach $12.8 Billion by 2017

GIA announces the release of a comprehensive global report on Location Based Advertising (LBA) markets. The global market for Location Based Advertising is projected to reach $12.8 billion by the year 2017. With mobile Internet gaining in popularity and the proportion of smartphone sales increasing, LBA market holds enormous potential. The market is driven by favorable factors including spurt in number of GPS and Wi-Fi enabled phones, increased merchandising and shopping activity among consumers, growing popularity of mobile commerce, and increasing usage of Location based Social Network Services.

Smartphone Users Most Engaged with Ads While Shopping

Different mobile activities lead to different behaviors and engagement levels. With smartphones able to perform a variety of tasks, from communicating to information-seeking to shopping and beyond, consumers are spending more time with them than ever. And marketers have more chances than ever to reach them via mobile.

Smartphone growth changing mobile habits

As more Americans make the upgrade from traditional cellphones to smartphones, mobile habits are changing significantly – a development that should not be lost on businesses and their marketing departments. According to recent figures from research firm comScore, 234 million Americans ages 13 and older used a mobile phone during the three month period ending in July. Of those, 82.2 million owned smartphones, a 10 percent increase over the three month period ending in April.

Consumers Demand Personalized Messaging Across All Verticals

Brands of all stripes are working toward delivering personalized messages to their target audiences. Despite their best efforts, however, consumers say certain industries are not meeting their needs. Service providers, such as cable and utility companies, and regulated companies, such as insurance and finance brands, appear to be behind the curve in terms of delivering personalized digital experiences.

Asia-Pacific leads the world in smartphone use: Google/Ipsos study

ASIA-PACIFIC – It seems then when it comes to mobile phones, and smartphones in particular, there is no market quite like the Asia-Pacific. The region is ahead of the world’s most advanced economies in terms of smartphone and overall mobile phone penetration, a joint study by Google and Ipsos has found. The report, Smartphone Research on Mobile Internet and Market Trends, spanned 30 markets globally and 11 markets in Asia-Pacific. It found that the region as a whole had the highest mobile phone penetration in the world and a willingness to use those phones to shop and play that outstrips other markets.

Mobile internet – driver for mobile

The mobile communications market has been experiencing a global upswing. Smartphones, in particular, are appealing to even more consumers. This year, it is anticipated that around 400 million smartphones will be sold around the world. Above all, in Western industrialized nations, this boom is occurring at the expense of feature phones, which do not offer the diverse range of smartphone functions. These are the latest GfK Retail and Technology findings prepared for IFA 2011, which is taking place in Berlin.

Mobile internet use doubled in two years: ONS

Six million people accessed Internet over mobile phones for the first time. A new study by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed that the number of people connecting to the Internet using a mobile phone has nearly doubled in the past two years. The study showed that there were 17.6 million mobile phone Internet users in 2011, representing 45% of Internet users, compared to 8.5 million users (23% of all users) in 2009.

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