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With an Inherently Local Ad Base, Publishers Can Take the Mobile Lead

With mobile advertising experiencing 10-20% growth year-over-year, focus can be the big challenge for most people involved in the mobile space. With expansion is going to come diversification, as increasingly niche long-tail approaches will add depth to a field that till now has been in its infancy. Mobile advertising is currently largely national or online brands and products—especially with the explosion of ads in games advertising for other games. Local advertising makes up only a small percentage of mobile ad buys, and there’s little sense in this. Yet it’s not going to be local businesses themselves that correct this imbalance—it’s traditional local media publishers who are going to need to lead the local-mobile charge.

Singapore best market for digital media

Even though digital ad spend accounts for only 8 percent of the total advertising expenditure in Singapore, but the growth is steady and the digital ad market is expected to cross the S$100 million mark very soon. According to the Singapore Online Advertising Revenue Report released by The Interactive Advertising Bureau Southeast Asia (IAB SE Asia) Singapore Chapter, the digital ad spend for the period January to June 2011 is S$60.31 million.

Mobile to Account for 25% of Paid-Search Clicks by End of 2012

Mobile is rising faster than anyone anticipated and that’s good news for all kinds of marketers. The recently released “State of Mobile Search Advertising in the US” report by Marin, shows the click growth over the past year. If mobile continues on this path, Marin estimates that mobile will account for 25% of all paid-search clicks on Google by the end of this year. Most of the reason for the growth is the corresponding growth in smart phone ownership. It’s estimated that when you combine Android and iOS, there will be one billion phones in play sometime before the summer of 2013.

Global Marketers Optimistic About Budget Growth

As with previous months, digital (excluding mobile) and mobile channels continued to attract global spend in March, with index scores of 78.9 and 71.2, respectively. The press again experienced the largest reduction in expenditure, with a score of 36.1, although that was an increase from 33.5 last month. Radio also improved slightly from 39.6 to 42.3, though remained well below the threshold for rising expenditure. TV and out-of-home hovered around the neutral mark, at 48.8 and 48, respectively.

Post-PC digital marketing will lead the way for innovation: Digitas exec

NEW YORK – With a new age of educated and savvy consumers, digital marketing needs to be designed with a post-PC mindset, according to a Digitas executive at the 4th annual Mobile Marketing Day 2012 conference. During the “Digitas: The Agency’s View on Mobile Marketing” closing keynote session, an executive from the agency spoke about how mobile is the next breakout channel for digital advertising. The session also gave attendees examples of how some of Digitas’ clients are approaching campaigns from a mobile-first perspective.

Weather Channel: Cross-channel advertising is key to reaching consumers

NEW YORK – With the long string of mobile devices and platforms available to marketers, advertisers need to develop campaigns that combine multiple platforms, per an exec from The Weather Channel at the 4th annual Mobile Marketing Day 2012 conference. “The Weather Channel: How the Media Brand is Crafting Mobile Advertising Campaigns for Advertisers” session gave attendees an overlook of how mobile is playing a large role for the publisher. The session also revealed a couple upcoming mobile efforts from The Weather Channel.

Canada Hits Smartphone User Milestone

Smartphone users to pass 10 million in 2012 as penetration rate moves closer to 50%. Smartphones have irreversibly changed people’s mobile habits and how marketers interact with them. eMarketer expects that smartphones will continue to grow in popularity worldwide, and Canada, which will pass 10 million smartphone users this year, is no exception. In March 2012, eMarketer forecast that Canada will rival the US in smartphone users as a percentage of mobile phone users in 2012, at 46% vs. 47.7%, respectively.

JWT strengthens presence in Pakistan

Realizing the growing importance of digital marketing services in Pakistan, JWT has agreed to acquire stake in Converge Technologies in the country. 90 people strong Converge Technologies, provides a wide spectrum of digital, social and mobile marketing services in the country. With this acquisition in place, JWT will be able to further strengthen its dominant position in Pakistan, where it ranks among the largest creative ad agencies.

Europeans Expect Big Brands to Advertise on Outdoor Formats

Advertising in outdoor formats can help enhance a brand’s stature in the eyes of European consumers, according to [pdf] a CBS Outdoor International survey conducted by Kantar Media and released in March 2012. 74% of the more than 9,000 survey respondents hailing from 6 European countries said they expect big brands to be advertising on outdoor formats. The response was even more convincing among the young and technology-enabled: 18-34-year-olds (78%), smartphone or tablet users (80%), and 18-34-year-old device users (83%) were all more likely than the average to say they expect big brands to advertise on outdoor formats.

Internet Users in Mexico Faster to Adopt Mobile Devices

In December 2011, a global study by UM (formerly Universal McCann) titled “The Business of Social: Social Media Tracker 2012,” found that smartphone and tablet penetration rates among active internet users in Mexico stood at 45% and 16%, respectively, outpacing those of the US and Canada.

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