TV plays part of a multi-screen experience

Today, consumers are multitasking: they’re not just watching TV but also are checking email on tablets, visiting social networks via smartphones, and mobile shopping at a time, according to Nielsen’s recent cross-platform report via Marketing Charts.

And even if mobile screen behavior limits to mobile device owners, it is observed that TV viewing is taking a place together with some other activities, which in return, could benefit the TV advertisers.

To figure out this trend, Nielsen’s report revealed 85% of tablet/smartphone users watching TV at least once a month, while 41% (tablet owners) and 39% (smartphone owners) do it daily. This data is quite supported by GfK’s study disclosing 41% of tablet owners’ total TV time spent via 2-screen viewing, which goes up to 46% among Millennials.

The bottom line, somehow, would be whether or not a multi-screen usage is phenomenal to TV programming and advertisers.

Nielsen’s finding disclosed 36% of ages 35-54 and 44% of ages 56-64 use their tablets to get deeper into the TV programs they’re currently watching. In addition, the study also showed that nearly one-third of ages 25-34 were using their smartphone to shop while watching TV – this trend would lead to a suggestive point that TV advertisers could see an immediate benefit/s if they’re able to engage with these young viewers.

However, it is suggested that TV content and advertising must be relevant to consumers of certain ages; otherwise, TV ad recall and program engagement will suffer.

The finding of IAB’s separate study would also seem to reveal a positive effect. It was found that even if viewers are doing multitasking, they are still giving most of their attention on TV, and surprisingly, that multi-screen activities boost TV ad recall.

Accordingly, there were 28% of multitasking consumers who looked up a product advertised during a show they’re watching, and 12% of them bought a product advertised. GfK positively suggested said figures to be promising for TV advertisers, and would be beneficial for the growth of TV ad spending.

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